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As a premier institution of higher education in the district of Hojai, Lanka Mahavidyalaya offers its students a unique blend of modern education and ethical values. The college is guided in its mission of combining the best of tradition and modernity by the vision of its founding fathers as the place Lanka itself has a glorious past. The college has been contributing to the noble task of nation-building since its very inception.
The College is noted for providing good infrastructure to satisfy the educational and other academic demands of its students and teachers. A well-stocked Central Library, good IT facilities and a Book Bank for economically disadvantaged pupils are among these resources. In addition to its high academic standards, the college has a thriving heritage of extracurricular activities. Our students balance their academic pursuits with participation in sports, theatre, debate, music, photography, and the visual arts. The college seminar hall and smart classrooms are equipped with the most up-to-date sound and projection technologies, provide for a wide range of academic and co-curricular interactions. In addition to academics, the college has a stellar athletic record. A large sports field, an Indoor Sports Complex, and various playrooms are also available to our athletes.
I am blessed to be a member of the Lanka Mahavidyalaya family, which continues to support me in my attempts to set the bar for our success. Our institutional machinery is supported by a devoted team of teachers and non-teaching employees. I see myself as an administrator and a friend who aids in the overall development of the college's pupils.
I am fortunate to be in the position where I can listen to and solve the challenges that our students face, and make this learning experience just a little more valuable. I represent the diligent faculty and staff of our college, whose sincerity and spirit make it what it is. It is my constant endeavour to proliferate an environment of mutual respect within the college, in pursuit of a shared ambition. We are bound by the fabric of the Music of Truth that unites us and constantly replenishes our passion for learning.
I extend a warm welcome to the upcoming students and ask them to join us on an intellectually stimulating adventure.

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Dr. Phatik Tamuli,M.Sc.,Ph.D.

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