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Solid waste Management System Solid Waste Management: The College organized a solid waste management awareness programme in collaboration with Lanka Municipality Board and Hojai District Administration, where many students , teachers and administrative officers of civil administration and municipally board participated in the programme. The College has Plastic Bank Provided by Lanka Municipality Corporation where, majority of the plastic waste are kept which, later handed over to Municipality. Also many dustbins are placed in various locations of the campus to collect the Waste which are later disposed in proper way.
Promotion of Gender Equity Since, the girl’s students of the college constitute more than 60%, all efforts are being taken for their upliftment. Moreover, majority of them come from rural areas, where miserable conditions of utter poverty, illiteracy, ill-health and superstition take hold of their lives. Thus they are doubly affected by the backwardness and discrimination. So, the college has resolved to take up the cause of Girl Students as well as for the women staff of the college too. • Illiteracy of parents led College to take them as target group for their empowerment. • Economic backwardness of parents led the college to take initiatives for economic sustainability of girl students. • Existence of social evil practices has led the College to take special initiatives to liberate them.
ICT Faci These days, it is essential for the students to learn and gather the knowledge’s on the latest technologies in order to be competent with contemporary situation. College uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of education. Faculty uses ICT A. Power Point presentations- Faculties are encouraged to use power-point presentations in their teaching by using LCD’s and projectors. They are also equipped by digital library, online search engines and websites to prepare effective presentations. B. Online quiz- Faculties prepare online quizzes for the students after the completion of each unit with the help of GOOGLE FORMS. C. Video Conferencing- Students are counseled with the help of Zoom / Google meet applications. E. E-Resources, Class Notes are provided through the College website as well as through the Departmental WhatsApp groups.

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