College Library

The library of the college, though not very large, is well organized. There are about 18513 volumes covering all the subjects including Text Books and Reference Books. The library has two special reading rooms, one for the students and another for the teachers. There are some journals and newspapers subscribed by the Library. The Library remains open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all working days. The college Library rules are formed in keeping with Uuniversity, Library Rules and books are catalogued in Dewy Decimal Classification system.

Relevant Rules For The College Library

  1. Library is for the use of both the students and teachers.
  2. There are certain books not to be taken out of the library. Students can use these books in the reading room of the library.
  3. Library cards are issued to student as follows:
    H.S.Class: 1 nos.
    Degree(General) Class: 1 nos.
    Degree(Major) Class: 2 nos.
  4. A student shall have to return a borrowed book within 15 days from the date of issue. If a student requires the book for more than the aforesaid period, he/she shall have to renew the book from the librarian , failing which a fine of 50 paise per day upto 15 days and 1.00 per day thereafter will be imposed on the borrower till the book is returned.
  5. If a student retains the book at a stretch after the scheduled date of return, ignoring the prevalent rule of the library administration, he/she shall be liable to face disciplinary action, which may involve deprivation of right for getting further library facility.
  6. A borrower shall be personally responsible for any loss or damage of books borrowed by him/her from the college library and have to replace such books by new ones.

The Total Number of Books available in Lanka Mahavidyalaya Library are as per the following four Links of Accession Register:

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